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10x14 Rugs

Christiane Millinger has an extensive network of vendors we can source larger sized area rugs from in additional to our inventory that we keep on hand in our showroom. Whether you tastes are Traditional, Transitional, Modern, or fully custom, we have the rug for your room. 

We can also search for whatever look you might need through our industry partners and we often produce our own designs in any size imaginable. 


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2x3 Rugs

2x3 Rugs are some of the most versatile sizes around, and we have a great selection of pieces to fit any style. 

How big is a 2x3 Rug? 

Like the name implies, these rugs are generally 2 feet by 3 feet, give or take, being that we only carry handmade rugs, so sizing can fluctuate a few to several inches in either direction. 

What are 2x3 Rugs for?

2x3 Rugs are some of the most versatile for their uses among all the sizes we place in client's homes. They make surprisingly lovely kitchen rugs in front of sinks or between a central island counter space. We have seen them add a fun bit of color to vanities and powder rooms, and even a little bit of unexpected color in a closet or nook of a room. 2x3 rugs are also a great opportunity to place a bit of comfort under a desk or beside a bed. 

2x3 rugs in the kitchen?

Yes, as odd as that might sound smaller rugs like 2x3's are great kitchen rugs. The smaller size and handwoven wool rugs that we specialize in responds very well to soaking and washing with a mild soap in a bathtub or laundry room basin. Just as long as they dry quickly, such as being hung to dry on a warmer summer day. We also can offer professional services if that is something that you might not want to trouble yourself with. 

In short, 2x3 handmade rugs are a smart choice to add a bit of fun flair to a space needing a bit of texture and color. 

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3x5 Rugs

3x5 Rugs are a great option for spaces that are not too big, yet also not too small. We have a large selection, in several sizes and styles to fit most budgets. 

How big are 3x5 Rugs?

Being that all our rugs are handmade, some variances do exist. But the general size grouping we classify these rugs as in 3 feet by 5 feet. 

What are 3x5 Rugs for?

3x5 Rugs are very versatile in their uses. We have seen clients place them in entryways as a way to define an entry space, or on the landing between flights of stairs. They also are a great size to liven up a kitchen or breakfast nook with a little color. Being that many of our rugs are all wool, 3x5 Rugs can be a great unique option for spaces that experience more use than most, due to the nature of hand knotted wool rugs to handle washing also well. 

So fear not, a well made rug can handle dirt and daily use, often better than a cheaply made disposable textile, and last many more years with a little care. 

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4x6 Rugs

4x6 Rugs are a very popular size and we have a great selection in a variety of styles. 

How big is a 4x6 Rug?

All of our 4x6 Rugs are handmade, so naturally some variance in sizes do exist. But the general size grouping for us are rugs that have a width of around 4 feet and length around 6 feet. 

What are 4x6 Rugs used for?

This size is one of the more versatile sizes we carry, and we have many varieties of them. 4x6 Rugs are great size for a smaller office space or bedroom. Studio apartments are suited well for 4x6 rugs as well. We've seen them used on staircase landings and in entryways.

Basically, any place that could us a little warm up with color and hand knotted wool is perfect for a 4x6. 

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5x7 Rugs

5x7 Rugs are a perfect size for an in-between space that isn't too small and isn't too big. 

How big is a 5x7 Rug?

Being that all of our Rugs are handmade, naturally some variance in sizes do exist. But the general size grouping for us are rugs that have a width of around 5 feet and length around 7 feet. 

What are 5x7 Rugs used for?

This size is one of the more versatile sizes we carry, and we have many great Gabbehs and tribal designs in this range. 5x7 Rugs are great size for a smaller office space or bedroom. Studio apartments are suited well for 5x7 rugs. We've seen them used on staircase landings and in entryways.

5x7 Rugs are a great in-between size with very versatile uses. We have an extensive range of traditional and tribal styles, with a few contemporary looks here and there. 

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8x10 Rugs

We carry a vast selection of 8x10 rugs in many styles from Modern and Contemporary, to Tribal and Classic at our 2037 NW Lovejoy Street shop in Portland, Oregon.

Featuring exclusive area rugs from Rug Star, Jan Kath, Wool & Silk, Battilossi, as well as many one-of-a-kind pieces, our selection of 8x10 rugs reflects Christiane's 30+ years in love with fine rugs. 

Come in or contact us to see more of what's in stock or to request a rug search.

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9x12 Rugs

We carry a large selection of 9x12 area rugs at our 2037 NW Lovejoy St store but we can also produce custom area rugs in that, or any size. 9x12 rugs are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and office spaces. Featuring designs from Rug Star, Jan Kath, Wool & Silk, Battilossi, as well as our own original designs by Christiane Millinger. We also feature a vast selection of many one-of-a-kind original tribal pieces.

Come in or contact us to see more of what's in stock or to request a rug search.

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Antique and Vintage Rugs

Combining a love for the unusual with 30 years of restoration knowledge, Christiane Millinger learned from some of the most respected figures in the American rug appraisal and preservation circles. She has combined all this into a curated collection of stunning antique rugs, repurposed bag face pillows, and vintage textiles that she is proud to feature a glimpse of here. Come by and see them in our showroom sometime! 

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Battilossi, Italy: Exclusive to Christiane Millinger in the Northwest

Christiane Millinger Handmade Rugs is proud to feature rugs and textiles from Battilossi

This family-run company out of Turin is the culmination of over 60 years of experience in preservation and restoration of fine carpets, along with an uncompromisingly modern Italian sensibility of style. The result is line of carpets that bridge the past with what the contemporary textile is capable of bringing into the home.

Designed in Italy, with production centers in both Nepal and Pakistan, Battilossi combines a refined palette of hues and tones with unique woven textures in each design, seamlessly blending high style with livability. We are excited to bring these new carpets to our clients, and the greater Portland design community.

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Contemporary and Modern Rugs

Christiane Millinger houses one of the finest collections of Modern and Contemporary rugs available and in one place. 

Featuring work from Rug Star, Jan Kath, Wool & Silk Rugs, and Battilossi all under one roof, our selection of stylish, cutting edge area rugs and carpets shows what the modern floor covering textile is capable of in the 21st Century. Featuring some of the most exciting and ground breaking brands available, we have designs that sweep away preconceived notions of rugs and how they fit into modern homes, commercial buildings, and retail settings.

Hand-knotted in India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Turkey and designed in Germany, Italy and New York, these amazing handwoven area rugs in wool, silk, and other surprising fibers will elevate any floor into a fifth wall for artistic vision.  

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Gabbeh Rugs

Christiane Millinger Handmade Rugs has the finest collection of one-of-kind Gabbeh rugs and carpets you will find anywhere. These rugs are made using methods dating back to antiquity, and the entirely by hand process produces a wool that is peerless in its durability, softness, and resiliency to staining. The palette of colors that the semi-nomadic weavers can achieve using only dyes sourced from natural sources like indigo, madder root, pomegranate and onion skins, is truly amazing. The wool retains high amounts of the natural lanolin which makes a yarn that not only resists staining and soiling, but also produces an environment that discourages the growth of dust mites. Truly some of the most holistic textiles you can chose for your home.

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Jan Kath, Germany: Exclusive to Christiane Millinger in the Northwest

Jan Kath is one of the cutting-edge rug producers in the textile design world and we are pleased to be the exclusive retailer to the Northwest for these incredible handmade rugs. Seamlessly mixing history with haute couture design, there is no other producer in the world being mistaken for Jan Kath!

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New Arrivals!

Look What Just Arrived!

Check out the newest arrivals and what's turning heads in our showroom! Is it a new cutting-edge design from a modern designer? Or maybe a recently uncovered tribal item from 150 years ago? You never know what you'll run across in our new arrivals!

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Original Designs

Aside from being a curator of the most unique and vibrant rugs that we find to bring to our clients, Christiane also likes to create original designs and collaborate with some of our favorite local designers. From capturing the moody magic of the Oregon Coast, to producing new and exciting ways to experience designs from the 19th Century, Christiane seeks to bring vibrant color and sophistication with her own unique look and experience in the world of rugs and textiles.

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Oushak Rugs

Oushak Rugs have burst upon the interior design scene, but what makes them different from other traditional style carpets?

Oushaks, or sometimes spelled Ushak, rugs have become a very popular choice within interior design for area rugs. But often, when clients are looking for this style carpet that they see in glossy home decor magazines they may not know what sets them apart from their colorful and more energetic cousins in the larger rug world. 

What are Oushak rugs?

Oushaks are hand-knotted rugs with origins in Western Turkey. Often Oushaks are typically in a softer palette of colors ranging from beige and grays and pastel tones. Oushaks often also feature a more open central area of beige and ivory tones when compared with the dense filigree and lattice type looks seen in Persian and other Turkish style area rugs. These factors, in combination with a looser chunkier knot often with Angora mixed in the wool, results in a casual elegance that is the signature of Oushak carpets. Oushaks also often feature an intentional fade or weathered look that is a perfect marriage with contemporary design trends that favor black, white and gray scale furnishings, elements, and surfaces. 

Where do Oushak rugs come from?

As mentioned earlier, Oushak rugs originate in the Western Turkish city of Uşak. This area has been a producer of fine carpets and area rugs, and many fine examples seen in Renaissance artworks have been attributed to the region. Oushaks enjoyed resurgences in the 17th and 19th Centuries, much like the they are again now in the 21st. We are proud to work with Anadol Rugs, who have an exclusive location patent for rugs still being produced in the city of Uşak. So much like true champagne coming from the namesake region in France, many of our Oushaks are still made the same way they have been for hundreds of years.

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Pillows from Christiane Millinger

We have a wonderful assortment of pillows here at Christiane Millinger. We bring them in from India and Nepal, as well as repurposing vintage and antique textiles, such as bag faces and other remnants of smaller rugs, and turn them in to pillows with the help of local Portland artisans and craftspeople. Feel free to drop by and check out our selection!

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Rugs From Lapchi

Lapchi revolutionized custom rugs in the early to mid 90's and continues to innovate with wonderfully original designs and immense creative abilities at their disposal. We are overjoyed to be able to bring them to our clients as options, either ready to be selected from our showroom stock, or as another avenue to pursue custom and bespoke pieces using our vast selection of samples illustrating Lapchi's creative vision for modern area rugs. 

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Rugs from Rug Star: Exclusive to Christiane Millinger in the Northwest

We are proud to be the exclusive retailer for Jürgen Dahlmanns Rug Star, designed in Berlin, Germany. Pushing the boundaries of art and textile design, these rugs or like nothing else and have to be seen to be believed.

Jürgen Dahlmanns has created one of the most exciting brands to come out of the rug world in the past decade. These completely bold designs are like nothing being produced in the world of area rugs before or since. Each piece elevates the floor of a room into the "fifth wall" and turns it into a new canvas for creativity and passion. 

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Rugs From Turquoise Mountain at Christiane Millinger

Since its founding in 2006 by King Charles III, Turquoise Mountain has strived to work with the artisans and craftsperson of Afghanistan to spur the regeneration of Kabul and to establish the sustainability of the Afghan textile industry as a means to improve the quality of life for all Afghans.

By investing in the people themselves, Turquoise Mountain has trained thousands of artisans and created schools graduating around 120 students a year with basic education needs. In addition to academic opportunities, Turquoise Mountain has established a healthcare center for the entire community of Murad Khani, one of the poorest areas of the old quarter of Kabul.

Turquoise Mountain also created the Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture with the aim to not only hone the skills of local craftspersons, but also to educate them on product development, management, and other business skills necessary to bring their products to a larger market. These students not only leave with these skills, but also international accreditation upon completing a three year program.

We at Christiane Millinger are proud to be able to support Turquoise Mountain and do our part to help each successive generation of Afghans envision lives with more opportunities and hope than the last by being able to bring their quality and craftsmanship to Portland and beyond.

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Shop by Manufacturer

Christiane Millinger is proud to be your exclusive source for many of the designers pushing the limits of modern rug design, all under one roof.

We feature a curated collection of contemporary designs from Rug Star, Jan Kath, Wool & Silk, and Battilossi, as well as having the ability to collaborate with these icons of the rug world to produce custom pieces. We also feature several of our own original designs produced by our manufacturing partners in Afghanistan and Nepal. 

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Soumaks, Kilims, and Flatweave Rugs and Textiles

From Classic to Couture, Our Flatwoven Selection May Surprise You.

We feature one of the more diverse collections of kilims and flat woven textiles available anywhere. From classic Persian Soumak Weaves and Tribal Kurdish Kilims to modern contemporary designs, our collection of flat woven textiles spans from the Boho and funky all the way to the Sophisticated and cutting edge. These versatile textiles can also be used for other things than as rugs and floor covering. We have seen them used as upholstery, drapery, tablecloths, and even clothing items!


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This Is A MILLINGER + HOWELLS rug collection

We are delighted to present a collaboration between Christiane Millinger Rugs and Michael Howells Architecture for the MILLINGER + HOWELLS Collection.

Bold, colorful pieces that take a fresh look at the tribal rug. With a modern look and a contemporary concept mindful of textile history, the THIS IS Collection delivers color at a time when it is needed most. Available to order now in any size, the THIS IS Collection is an exploration into what IS the rug? Designed in Portland, Oregon, and manufactured in Nepal, the THIS IS Collection is ideal for the modern living room, office, or anywhere a splash of color is needed.

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Traditional Rugs

Timeless and Classic. Traditional Rugs Never Really Go Out Of Style

We adore traditional rugs. From a classic and stately elegance of a Mughal, to the strong lines seen in Heriz and Serapi, Traditional rugs are always a smart and sophisticated choice for a living room and dining rooms. The timeless designs are rich with familiarity and style. Freud was a was known as collector and appreciator of these types of rugs and his salon is noted for its use of them as not only floor coverings, but also wall coverings and upholstery. We source our Traditional designs from all over the rug producing world to be able to bring you a selection that truly reflects the wonderful variety that different cultures have historically knotted and woven.

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Tribal Rugs

Get back to the roots of Rug and Textile-making with our curated Tribal Collection.

Tribal rugs are a big favorite of ours at Christiane Millinger Handmade Rugs. Christiane enjoys sourcing rare and unusual examples of this disappearing craft. We also find many antiques and vintage pieces that we usually only feature in our showroom, but do post here from time to time. 

We also specialize in Gabbeh tribal rugs from Southern Iran and feature a selection unrivaled for originality and uniqueness.

We up-cycle many of the vintage tribal bag faces that we find into pillows, made by local artisans and craftspeople, producing wonderful, one-of-a-kind accent pieces. These are a great way to bring rich color and a bit of history into any living space. 

Christiane worked for noted expert James Opie prior to venturing into her own business as a purveyor of fine rugs and carpets and has been able to continue his appreciation and study of tribal rugs and various other textiles. 

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Tribal Rugs

One-of-a-kind handcrafted Tribal rugs selected by Christiane herself. From whimsical Gabbehs and Kilims, to precision Soumaks, to the occasional antique and vintage pieces. Tribal rugs offer an insight into a bygone era of hand-knotted craft. Often as important as the clothes some of these people made, the imagery in the utilitarian textiles that were part of their daily lives can show political change, shifting tribal affiliations and cooperation, and yet can be as individual as the people, most often women, that made them.

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Wool & Silk Rugs: Exclusive to Christiane Millinger in the Northwest

We are proud to carry original handmade rugs by Wool & Silk Rugs, designed in New York by the award winning Erbil Tezcan. Produced in Nepal, these are some of the finest rugs being made today.

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