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3x5 Rugs

We have a great selection of Gabbeh rugs in the 3x5 size as well as many traditional, tribal, and transitional rugs. All handmade using some of the best quality wool in the world. This is just a sample of the full selection we offer at our 2037 NW Lovejoy St showroom. Come by sometime!

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8x10 Rugs

We carry a vast selection of 8x10 rugs in many styles from Modern and Contemporary, to Tribal and Classic at our 2037 NW Lovejoy Street shop in Portland, Oregon.

Featuring exclusive area rugs from Rug Star, Jan Kath, Wool & Silk, Battilossi, as well as many one-of-a-kind pieces, our selection of 8x10 rugs reflects Christiane's 30+ years in love with fine rugs. 

Come in or contact us to see more of what's in stock or to request a rug search.

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9x12 Rugs

9x12 Handmade Area Rugs

We carry a large selection of 9x12 area rugs at our 2037 NW Lovejoy St store but we can also produce custom area rugs in that, or any size. 9x12 rugs are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and office spaces. Featuring designs from Rug Star, Jan Kath, Wool & Silk, Battilossi, as well as our own original designs by Christiane Millinger. We also feature a vast selection of many one-of-a-kind original tribal pieces.

Come in or contact us to see more of what's in stock or to request a rug search.

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Antique and Vintage Rugs

Combining a love for the unusual with 30 years of restoration knowledge, Christiane Millinger learned from some of the most respected figures in the American rug appraisal and preservation circles. She has combined all this into a curated collection of stunning antique rugs, repurposed bag face pillows, and vintage textiles that she is proud to feature a glimpse of here. Come by and see them in our showroom sometime! 

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Battilossi, Italy: Exclusive to Christiane Millinger Rugs in the Northwest

Christiane Millinger Handmade Rugs is proud to feature rugs and textiles from Battilossi

This family-run company out of Turin is the culmination of over 60 years of experience in preservation and restoration of fine carpets, along with an uncompromisingly modern Italian sensibility of style. The result is line of carpets that bridge the past with what the contemporary textile is capable of bringing into the home.

Designed in Italy, with production centers in both Nepal and Pakistan, Battilossi combines a refined palette of hues and tones with unique woven textures in each design, seamlessly blending high style with livability. We are excited to bring these new carpets to our clients, and the greater Portland design community.

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Collection of Handmade 2x3 Rugs from Christiane Millinger

Handmade 2x3 Area and Throw Rugs

We have a wide variety of smaller hand-knotted rugs ideal for small spaces or entryways. Many of our 2x3 rugs are one-of-a-kind pieces handwoven in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan. We have many Gabbehs and other tribal origin rugs in this size available now.

Come in or contact us to see more of what's in stock.

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Contemporary and Modern Rugs

Modern and Contemporary handmade wool rugs from Rug Star, Jan Kath, Wool & Silk Rugs, and Battilossi. Our selection of stylish area rugs and carpets shows where the modern area rug is in the 21st Century with some of the most exciting brands available. Designs that challenge preconceived notions about the design of rugs and how they fit into modern homes, commercial buildings, and retail settings.

Hand-knotted in India, Nepal, Tibet, and designed in Germany, Italy and New York, these amazing handwoven area rugs in wool, silk, and other surprising fiber choices are the haute couture in the production of modern fine rugs and carpets. 

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Gabbeh Rugs

Christiane Millinger Handmade Rugs has the finest collection of one-of-kind Gabbeh you will find anywhere. These rugs are made using methods dating back to antiquity and the entirely by hand process produces a wool that is peerless in its durability, softness, and resiliency to staining. The palette of colors that the semi-nomadic weavers can achieve using only dyes sourced from natural sources like indigo, madder root, pomegranate and onion skins, is truly amazing. The wool retains high amounts of the natural lanolin which makes a yarn that not only resists staining and soiling, but also produces an environment that discourages the growth of dust mites. Truly some of the most holistic textiles you can chose for your home.

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Jan Kath, Germany: Exclusive to Christiane Millinger in the Northwest

Jan Kath is one of the cutting-edge rug producers in the textile design world and we are pleased to be the exclusive retailer to the Northwest for these incredible handmade rugs. Seamlessly mixing history with haute couture design, there is no other producer in the world being mistaken for Jan Kath!

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New Arrivals!

Check out the newest arrivals and what's turning heads in our showroom! Is it a new cutting-edge design from a modern designer? Or maybe a recently uncovered tribal item from 150 years ago? You never know what you'll run across in our new arrivals!

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Original Designs

Aside from being a curator of the most unique and vibrant rugs that we find to bring to our clients, Christiane also likes to create original designs and collaborate with some of our favorite local designers. From capturing the moody magic of the Oregon Coast, to producing new and exciting ways to experience designs from the 19th Century, Christiane seeks to bring vibrant color and sophistication with her own unique look and experience in the world of rugs and textiles.

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Rugs from Rug Star: Exclusive to Christiane Millinger Rugs in the Northwest

We are proud to be the exclusive retailer for Jürgen Dahlmanns Rug Star, designed in Berlin, Germany. Pushing the boundaries of art and textile design, these rugs or like nothing else and have to be seen to be believed.

Jürgen Dahlmanns has created one of the most exciting brands to come out of the rug world in the past decade. These completely bold designs are like nothing being produced in the world of area rugs before or since. Each piece elevates the floor of a room into the "fifth wall" and turns it into a new canvas for creativity and passion. 

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This Is A MILLINGER + HOWELLS rug collection

We are delighted to present a collaboration between Christiane Millinger Rugs and Michael Howells Architecture for the MILLINGER + HOWELLS Collection.

Bold, colorful pieces that take a fresh look at the tribal rug. With a modern look and a contemporary concept mindful of textile history, the THIS IS Collection delivers color at a time when it is needed most. Available to order now in any size, the THIS IS Collection is an exploration into what IS the rug? Designed in Portland, Oregon, and manufactured in Nepal, the THIS IS Collection is ideal for the modern living room, office, or anywhere a splash of color is needed.

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Tribal Rugs

Hand-knotted Tribal Rugs in a variety of sizes

One-of-a-kind handcrafted Tribal rugs selected by Christiane herself. From whimsical Gabbehs and Kilims, to precision Soumaks, to the occasional antique and vintage pieces. Tribal rugs offer an insight into a bygone era of hand-knotted craft. Often as important as the clothes some of these people made, the imagery in the utilitarian textiles that were part of their daily lives can show political change, shifting tribal affiliations and cooperation, and yet can be as individual as the people, most often women, that made them.

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Wool & Silk Rugs: Exclusive to Christiane Millinger Rugs in the Northwest

We are proud to carry original handmade rugs by Wool & Silk Rugs, designed in New York by the award winning Erbil Tezcan. Produced in Nepal, these are some of the finest rugs being made today.

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