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3x5 Handmade Rugs

3x5 Rugs are a great option for spaces that are not too big, yet also not too small. We have a large selection, in several sizes and styles to fit most budgets. 

How big are 3x5 Rugs?

Being that all our rugs are handmade, some variances do exist. But the general size grouping we classify these rugs as in 3 feet by 5 feet. 

What are 3x5 Rugs for?

3x5 Rugs are very versatile in their uses. We have seen clients place them in entryways as a way to define an entry space, or on the landing between flights of stairs. They also are a great size to liven up a kitchen or breakfast nook with a little color. Being that many of our rugs are all wool, 3x5 Rugs can be a great unique option for spaces that experience more use than most, due to the nature of hand knotted wool rugs to handle washing also well. 

So fear not, a well made rug can handle dirt and daily use, often better than a cheaply made disposable textile, and last many more years with a little care.