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As a small local shop, we depend on support from those who love all things beautiful, and who know the value and importance of shopping and sourcing from local retailers. It brings us great joy to extend this spirit back to you by providing lectures and presentations, and hosting art events in our gallery, celebrating the history and beauty that we’re surrounded by. We wholeheartedly embrace our love and passion for rugs and are constantly on the lookout for new designers and visionaries rising in our field to bring you the best carpets the world has to offer. We look forward to working with you.

About our rugs

We stand behind the quality of each piece in our showroom and are extremely proud to be a part of the current renaissance in handmade rugs. We represent rugs of the extraordinary beauty and quality not seen since the early days of the last century. During that era, handspun wools and natural, vegetable dyes were woven individually into heirloom pieces, in small villages dotted throughout countries such as Turkey and Iran. The well-intentioned but misled impact of Western industrialization substituted cheap, uniform synthetic dyes for lustrous, natural materials. Work was relocated into factories. Gone was the age-old tradition of weaving as part of daily village life. Realizing that much of the beauty and creativity had been “standardized” out of Oriental rugs, a counter-movement began in the 1980’s. Dedicated to bringing us back to the roots of weaving traditions, this renaissance reawakened the appetite for quality textiles created with natural dyes and wool which is spun and woven by hand. These heirloom-quality rugs have an unmistakable luster, complexity and warmth. Click to see some of our rugs placed in rooms.

We are proud to be supporting the artisan weavers of the world, as they preserve their ancient cultural heritage while earning a fair wage. We also enthusiastically support Goodweave, a non-profit organization working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry.


Christiane Millinger Showroom

A message from Christiane

Emigrating from Austria in my early adulthood, I was lucky to begin my career in conjunction with this renaissance, under the generous tutelage of Robert Mann, in one of the leading rug and textile conservation studios in the country. After many years of learning about restoration, conservation and the history of carpets and textiles, I first opened my showroom in the Pearl in 2000. Now celebrating the rebirth of my rug and textile business on NW Lovejoy, I feel so grateful for all the beauty in my working life. I look forward to sharing these treasures with you!”


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