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Who we are

We find the world’s most beautiful handmade rugs for you.

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We Bring the Renaissance of Handmade Rugs to You

Every rug we represent is dyed and woven by master craftspeople based on centuries old techniques and styles unique to each village and region. Rugs of this quality haven’t been seen since early last century when handspun wools and natural, vegetable dyes were woven individually into heirloom pieces in small villages throughout Iran, Turkey and other Asian countries. Western industrialization substituted mechanical looms and synthetic materials and dyes that lacked the luster and depth of natural wool, silk and vegetable dyes. Weaving left the villages where it had been part of daily life and moved to factories.

 Realizing that much of the beauty and creativity had been standardized out of Oriental rugs, a counter-movement began in the 1980’s. Dedicated to bringing us back to the roots of weaving traditions, this renaissance reawakened the appetite for quality textiles created with natural dyes and wool spun and woven by human hands. These fine artisanal rugs have an unmatched luster, complexity and warmth. They are a delight to eyes, hands, feet and our sense of smell.

 Christiane Millinger rugs is proud to support the artisan weavers of the world, as they preserve their ancient cultural heritage while earning a fair wage. Whether of traditional patterns or exciting new designs by some of the finest textile designers in the world, these handmade rugs achieve the highest possible quality.

We enthusiastically support Goodweave, a non-profit organization working to end illegal child labor in
the carpet industry.

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Our Online Showroom

We bring the world of fine hand woven rugs to our intimate showroom at 2037 NW Lovejoy Street, Portland OR, and we love it when you can come in and experience the rugs first hand. For those who can’t visit our store, you’ll find our complete selection or rugs here on our website, including new arrivals. If you have questions about any rug, or would like to arrange an online consultation, or in-person visit, please call us at +1 971.444.2440.