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Rugs from Turquoise Mountain at Christiane Millinger

Rugs From Turquoise Mountain at Christiane Millinger

Since its founding in 2006 by King Charles III, Turquoise Mountain has strived to work with the artisans and craftsperson of Afghanistan to spur the regeneration of Kabul and to establish the sustainability of the Afghan textile industry as a means to improve the quality of life for all Afghans.

By investing in the people themselves, Turquoise Mountain has trained thousands of artisans and created schools graduating around 120 students a year with basic education needs. In addition to academic opportunities, Turquoise Mountain has established a healthcare center for the entire community of Murad Khani, one of the poorest areas of the old quarter of Kabul.

Turquoise Mountain also created the Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture with the aim to not only hone the skills of local craftspersons, but also to educate them on product development, management, and other business skills necessary to bring their products to a larger market. These students not only leave with these skills, but also international accreditation upon completing a three year program.

We at Christiane Millinger are proud to be able to support Turquoise Mountain and do our part to help each successive generation of Afghans envision lives with more opportunities and hope than the last by being able to bring their quality and craftsmanship to Portland and beyond.