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5x7 Rugs are a perfect size for an in-between space that isn't too small and isn't too big. 

How big is a 5x7 Rug?

Being that all of our Rugs are handmade, naturally some variance in sizes do exist. But the general size grouping for us are rugs that have a width of around 5 feet and length around 7 feet. 

What are 5x7 Rugs used for?

This size is one of the more versatile sizes we carry, and we have many great Gabbehs and tribal designs in this range. 5x7 Rugs are great size for a smaller office space or bedroom. Studio apartments are suited well for 5x7 rugs. We've seen them used on staircase landings and in entryways.

5x7 Rugs are a great in-between size with very versatile uses. We have an extensive range of traditional and tribal styles, with a few contemporary looks here and there.