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Jan Kath Rugs and Carpets

Exclusive to Christiane Millinger in the Northwest

Meet Jan

Jan Kath is internationally recognized as one of the most creative carpet designers in the world. His carpets have won many awards and, besides adorning floors around the world, are exhibited in art and design museums.

Self-trained, Kath brings a uniquely bold, unexpected approach to his work that mixes history and cutting-edge, often minimalist design to create an eye-arresting beauty combined with the sensuous touch of traditionally hand-woven carpets.

Combining materials in innovative ways, Jan Kath rugs are handwoven in the Himalayas, India or Morocco at sites that are often run as small family businesses. All materials and dyes are natural and sustainably produced and all sites follow STEP and Fair Trade practices.

Christiane Millinger Rugs is extremely proud to be the exclusive representative for Jan Kath Rugs in the Northwest.



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