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With Christiane Millinger it's an adventure and it's exciting. Oftentimes, the end result will be something I never expected. And the rug is more beautiful than anything I ever expected.

Christiane and her team have always been just incredible. Their customer service is amazing. They’ve been willing to drive rugs to any location. They’ve loaned rugs for extended periods of time. I mean, anything you can imagine. They’re just incredibly accommodating to the process.

What I love about Christiane is the knowledge that she brings to each and every rug. So that process of going to peruse and select a rug for a design process isn't just about a composition or aesthetics or design, it's about the really meaningful stories of the people who made these things. She's always been that way. My clients love it, I love it.

Only the Finest Selection of Handmade Rugs

We select each and every rug that we feature in our showroom for its quality, originality, and authenticity. We feature no machine made textiles.

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Welcome To Our Showroom

We are only able to feature a fraction of our selection online. Please come by our showroom to see our entire curated collection of designer and one-of-a-kind area rugs and carpets.

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Meet Christiane Millinger

With a lifetime of knowledge and a passion for rugs, Christiane loves finding her clients the perfect rug to compliment a room and elevate living spaces.

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Let us bring the design world to you

Through our relationships with the most innovative manufactures today we are able to offer the most cutting edge designs to our clients and the interior design community.

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Art for the Fifth Wall

Seeing the ability of the right rug to elevate a room into a place people truly want to live in is our passion. Come see what we can do for your home.

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We offer complimentary in home trials.

For local clients we offer the ability to spend some time with our rugs in your home or office because we want you to feel as good about your rug as we do. In home trials are unfortunately unavailable during annual sale or for clearance items.

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We Love Rugs

And when we've found you the rug that you love we know we've done our job.

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Award Winning Rugs

We work closely with some of the world’s most celebrated designers

You’re Invited on an Adventure to Find the Perfect Handmade Rug at Christiane Millinger Rugs

Buying a fine handmade rug made by a master artisan is like buying art. It has to capture you, to hold your senses. To fill your eyes with its colors and patterns. Your hands and feet with its texture, weave and pile. It needs to fit your life and aesthetics, to tell the story you want in your home or office. To be the masterpiece that makes you happy each day, that you love to walk across barefooted or recline on by a fire. The rug your kids or grandkids will giggle and play on. The rug that’s a joy to you.

Finding the perfect rug is an exciting adventure, not a shopping trip. At Christiane Millinger, we guide you on that voyage through a world of fabrics, textures, weaves, of unique designs and colors and the scent of handspun wool until your eyes light up and we all know we’ve arrived. That’s why we stock a curated selection of the finest rugs, from intricate traditional to abstract modern, from evocative to whimsical, including four exclusive lines from top global rug designers. That’s why we work with master artisans around the world to create custom rugs for your unique vision. That’s why we’re here. So you can discover the perfect rug for you.

Feeling is Believing

On this website you’ll see a myriad of exceptional handmade rugs. But seeing is just one of our senses that artisanal rugs engage.

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We specialize in creating

Custom Rugs

We have endless options for custom rugs and carpets. Together with our industry partners, as well as our own production abilities, we can produce a rug to suit any taste or style.

Contact us to set up a person consultation and viewing of styles and looks to see what we can do for your space.

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The Silk & Wool Road Leads to Christiane Millinger Rugs

From traditional artisans across the globe to today’s most celebrated rug designers, Christiane Millinger Rugs gathers a diverse, choice selection of the world’s finest handmade rugs.