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Gabbeh Rugs From Christiane Millinger

Gabbeh Rugs

Christiane Millinger Handmade Rugs has the finest collection of one-of-kind Gabbeh rugs and carpets you will find anywhere. These rugs are made using methods dating back to antiquity, and the entirely by hand process produces a wool that is peerless in its durability, softness, and resiliency to staining. The palette of colors that the semi-nomadic weavers can achieve using only dyes sourced from natural sources like indigo, madder root, pomegranate and onion skins, is truly amazing. The wool retains high amounts of the natural lanolin which makes a yarn that not only resists staining and soiling, but also produces an environment that discourages the growth of dust mites. Truly some of the most holistic textiles you can chose for your home.



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