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2x3 Rugs From Christiane Millinger

2x3 Rugs are some of the most versatile sizes around, and we have a great selection of pieces to fit any style. 

How big is a 2x3 Rug? 

Like the name implies, these rugs are generally 2 feet by 3 feet, give or take, being that we only carry handmade rugs, so sizing can fluctuate a few to several inches in either direction. 

What are 2x3 Rugs for?

2x3 Rugs are some of the most versatile for their uses among all the sizes we place in client's homes. They make surprisingly lovely kitchen rugs in front of sinks or between a central island counter space. We have seen them add a fun bit of color to vanities and powder rooms, and even a little bit of unexpected color in a closet or nook of a room. 2x3 rugs are also a great opportunity to place a bit of comfort under a desk or beside a bed. 

2x3 rugs in the kitchen?

Yes, as odd as that might sound smaller rugs like 2x3's are great kitchen rugs. The smaller size and handwoven wool rugs that we specialize in responds very well to soaking and washing with a mild soap in a bathtub or laundry room basin. Just as long as they dry quickly, such as being hung to dry on a warmer summer day. We also can offer professional services if that is something that you might not want to trouble yourself with. 

In short, 2x3 handmade rugs are a smart choice to add a bit of fun flair to a space needing a bit of texture and color.