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Michael Howells Selects 5 Rugs

We are lucky indeed to have Michael Howells in town, with his hands-on approach to creating sophisticated, liveable spaces. We recently asked him to select 5 rugs from our collection and tell us why.

Biography of Michael Howells



M I C H A E L ’ S   F I V E   R U G S


^  THREE BIRDS by Rug Star

“This is my favorite rug in the store at the moment. I was in Sicily recently, and I bought a beautiful Etro scarf with toucans on it. You only recognize the forms when you open the scarf all the way up. When it’s worn, the fragments of the birds just become pattern. This rug touches me in a similar way. The beauty of the forms and colors is undeniable. I also like rugs that do different things in different places, so that there is a variety of experiences one can have, depending on where you are walking or sitting. I would relish the opportunity to make this rug the centerpiece of a living room seating area.”


^  SILK RUG by Bespoke Rug Company

“This rug reminds me of recent works by Gerhard Richter…in the best way. It’s pure abstraction, almost to the point of repetitive pattern, but not quite. This is the kind of rug I love to stare into, which is exactly the quality one wants. The colors are great…I immediately picture glass and chrome and maybe some black leather in terms of furnishings to go with it.”


^  WOOL RUG by Lila Valadan

“This rug looks a bit like something I or another architect would come up with…it’s very architectural. There is a bit of Mondrian, and to me it’s also very Japanese. It would be great with some rustic, earthy furnishings. The straight lines are there, so it needs the counterpoint of some non-rectangular forms. This is one where the picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a very tactile piece with an almost animal texture. It’s wool after all, and the field has that natural sheep color.”


^  GARDEN SPRING by Wool & Silk

“I loved this rug from the moment I saw it. To me it says William Morris or things of that milieu. The green is very particular. I can see it working well with both traditional and modern pieces. It cries out for a battered brown Chesterfield, for starters. A nice rug for this part of the world. It would be great in a traditional Portland home and perhaps even better in a modern loft, where it is the only traditional piece in the space.”


^  FOLDING SKY by Rug Star

“Blue is my favorite color…or many blues, including this one. And it’s irresistible when combined with these solar oranges. This is another rug where there are no two places alike, which keeps things interesting. A glass coffee table would be good so the entire image remains accessible. This rug is truly a painting for the floor. I would choose it out of passion, setting aside what would come next. It then becomes the starting point for an adventure.”


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