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Christiane Selects 5 Current Favorites

Over the past few years, we’ve asked some of Portland’s leading designers and architects to select 5 favorite rugs from our collection and tell us why. Today, we’ve challenged Christiane herself! 

Christiane Millinger - 30 years of loving rugs



C H R I S T I A N E ' S    F A V O R I T E S


Wool & Silk Rugs Wildflower Rug

^ WILDFLOWERS by Wool & Silk

This rug holds magic to me. It is soft, lovely, light and joyful. Wonderful for a den, bedroom or garden room. In person, it is 10 times better than in any photo.



Storm by Battilossi
^ STORM by Battilossi

Love this one because it looks like the Oregon coast, just exactly on the spot where the ocean meets the sandy beach.





Dancing Dragon rug in pure silk 
^ DANCING DRAGON in pure silk

This rug has a broad palette of soft, dreamy, watery colors, which shimmer delightfully because of the silk that was used for the handknotting. The central dragon image feels powerful and confident. It is definitely a rug that will make a statement. I love for all things that surround me to be as artful as they are functional.



Antique Khamseh bird rug
We recently purchased this antique tribal rug and are beyond happy to house it here at our gallery. It is an 18th century piece, according to James Opie, author of the book Tribal Rugs, and was woven by a woman of the Khamseh tribe in the Zagros mountains. Finding a pure tribal rug of such age in such great condition is highly unusual and very rare. While its chronological age is over 200 years, the archaic quality of the design elements date back 5000 years. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to contemplate the passage of time through beautiful artifacts. This one is a treasure for us here in Portland.




Polonaise rug by Jan Kath
^ POLONAISE by Jan Kath

This piece is the epitome of perfection to me: elegant, sophisticated, historic reference to polonaise rugs and a delicious color palette!




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