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Stewart Horner Selects 5 Rugs (+ 3 more!)

Stewart Horner brings a bold British sensibility to the local design scene. We recently asked him to select 5 rugs from our collection and tell us why. Stewart loved so many of our Rug Star pieces that he chose his 5 favorites, and then 3 more!

Stewart Horner bio



S T E W A R T ’ S   F A V O R I T E   R U G S


Splash ECO by Rug Star
^ SPLASH ECO by Rug Star

I bought this for my client! I love that it is made from recycled fiber/yarn.


Time by Rug Star

^ TIME by Rug Star

Very Art Deco / 20s and we are in the 20s again! Feels appropriate.


Tree of Life by Rug Star

^ TREE OF LIFE by Rug Star

I love the color transition, the fringe. Its detail is great.


Wasteland by Rug Star

^ WASTELAND by Rug Star

My frustrations with plastics and waste in general are chronicled in this rug. It also depicts British Heinz Baked Beans, something that reminds me of home. I love this rug the most.


handwriting by Rug Star

I’m down the street looking for milk! What more can you say? I’m interested in using more typography in my designs; I studied Graphic Design for a while and have a thing for type. And obscure expressions.


Spot by Rug Star

^ SPOT by Rug Star

Why? Composition and colour.


Color is My DNA / EasyMe by Rug Star

^ COLOR IS OUR DNA / EASYME by Michael Howells for Rug Star

This feels the most on trend. It’s bold... I love it.


Block by Rug Star

^ BLOCK by Rug Star

Again, this feels the most on trend. It’s bold... I love it.


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