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Alissa Pulcrano Selects 5 Rugs

Alissa Pulcrano heads up a talented team of interior designers from her Pearl District headquarters, which also houses an art gallery. We recently asked her to select 5 rugs from our collection and tell us why.

Alissa Pulcrano bio



A L I S S A ’ S    F A V O R I T E   R U G S


Samba by Wool and Silk Rugs
^ SAMBA by Wool and Silk Rugs

This is reminiscent of my phone doodles – I love this hand drawn quality and this feeling of simultaneously coloring inside the lines while sneaking outside the box – this is my MO in design and really, all of life.


kashkuli small landscape rug


I gravitate toward the tenderness in folk and naive art; the childlike storytelling creates a fantasy of what may have been.


Massal Kilim

^ MASSAL KILIM by Edelgrund

Often all you need is a neutral base of textural layering to highlight the overall design. At Bright we are big on neutral palettes showing intricacy in the details with color introduced in playful, small doses.


Blue Green Ushak


Tradition, tradition! I love the history and the telling motifs here as well as the sophisticated color palette. Oftentimes a bold but classic piece will be the glue: as the nod back to the architectural elements in our designs.”


Jijim Oonah IV
^ JIJIM OONAH IV by Kooches

I like this as a textural underlay – it is both bold in its scale and rhythmic pattern, and subtle in the blue/gray colorway.



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