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Heidi Semler Selects 5 Rugs

Many homeowners have turned to Heidi Semler to design timeless and inviting spaces. We recently asked her to select 5 favorite rugs from our collection and tell us why.

Heidi Semler bio and photo


H E I D I ’ S   F I V E   R U G S



I’ve felt a deep connection with blue and white as a color combination since I was a kid. It has always resonated with me. From a design standpoint it just works. With this rug in particular, the large scale of the plate pattern gives this piece, and the room it’s in, a lot of dramatic impact while still maintaining some formality and soft beauty.


Wool and Sari Silk rug by Zollanvari

^ WOOL AND SARI SILK by Zollanvari

The yellow silk in this rug stands out to me, but really, it’s the colors surrounding the yellow that amplify everything. It’s like adding a secret spice to a dish that enhances all the other flavors. As a designer, I like how the rug can be both cool and warm and fit comfortably in either a traditional or modern setting.


Angora Ushak rug by Anadol

^ ANGORA USHAK by Anadol

I love Ushak rugs! The open pattern is comforting to me and the simple, understated center portion of this rug creates a lot of interest. I appreciate the versatility of these carpets as well.


Kilim rug by Odegard

^ JA OONAH KILIM by Stephanie Odegard

Again, the combination of blue and white is very appealing. This rug has a very Swedish feel and I love that it’s woven in panels. It’s modern but very comforting, too.


Sari Silk Dragon rug by Zollanvari
^ SARI SILK DRAGON by Zollanvari

The bold design and colors are energizing yet it makes me feel cozy. It’s definitely a statement piece that would look just as amazing on a wall as it would on the floor.


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