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Zoom Erased Heritage Collection Polonaise Greenford Sky from Jan Kath

Erased Heritage Collection Polonaise Greenford Sky from Jan Kath

$21,300.00 USD

Two of Jan Kath's signature looks come together in The Polonaise Greenford Sky

The Erased Heritage Collection from Jan Kath is an exploration of the passage of time and how it can interact with timeless design. Historically, every region or culture in the rug producing world developed distinct and particular styles of carpets, each with its own signature looks and qualities. From Indian Konyas, Egyptian Mamluks, and Persian Bidjars these designs have been brought back to life knot by knot by master weavers employing a novel yet ancient method for rug production. The designs of the rug have been recorded in chanting song vs a technical diagram, allowing the passion of the teams working on them latitude to shine as they faithfully reproduce iconic patterns in original colors. Incorporated into these timeless designs is an aging of sorts mimicking the erosion or erasure of the original rug imagery. While this may look like reductive, this design is actually achieved with the addition of a silk pile cut higher than the underlying traditional design. This allows for dramatic interplay of light and shadow as the patterns themselves become the muse for the pondering of the passage of time.

The Polonaise Collection from Jan Kath is a love letter to a series of rugs, that upon being first exhibited publicly in Europe in the 19th Century as Baroque masterpieces once belonging to the Polish Royal Court, were dubbed tapis Polonais or "Polish Carpets" by the French that rediscovered them. Thereby attributing them as Polish creations. While more learned study has placed the origins more acutely in 16th and 17th Century Persian weaving centers in Isfahan, the name has remained. Known for bold, flashy color and elaborate designs that tick all the boxes of the Baroque period, the surviving examples have sadly been worn down to an almost canvas-like, threadbare appearance. Their silks, now faded to near pastels if they even remain, and the fine precious metal wrapped threads of gold and silver that once signified the opulence and pomp of the era have tarnished with age. Jan Kath has sought to recreate these carpets, that must have been a positively scintillating display upon their arrival to the affluent and princely courts of Europe. From the coarser low cut wool pile, to the vivid selections of accent colors. Even down to copper wrapped selvedge edges, Jan Kath offers a glimpse into one of the most gilded eras in rug production.

The Greenford Sky takes both of these signature looks and combines them into one stunning rug. The classic Baroque pattern is slightly obscured by sea-green clouds of silk are drifting past 

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Available in custom sizes upon request, contact us for further information.

  • Measures: 8'0" x 10'0"
  • Materials: Wool, Silk and Copper Selvedge Edges
  • Designed in Bochum, Germany
  • Hand-knotted in India
  • Rug Number #8669

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Erased Heritage Collection Polonaise Greenford Sky

Erased Heritage Collection Polonaise Greenford Sky from Jan Kath

$21,300.00 USD

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