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8314 Mono No. 09, Aqua Blue, in 8'3" x 9'11" by Rug Star




Our contemporary rug art collection started as Mono in 2014 and finalized 7 years later as MonoStereo, the concept of working with organic and fluid patterns is surpassed by now assigning them to a fixed position, with the initial theme pattern formed by the carpet’s purpose. Central to the theme of the hand-knotted rug collection MonoStereo is the right balance of a carpet as an organic textile island within a three-dimensional space that is defined by a surrounding interior architecture, which is mostly rectangular. Like a small island above the seas, an open textile pile of organic paradigm is being raised by three-five millimeters above a two-millimeters-pile of the strong monochrome rectangular frame.

The variety of this collection is large in design and execution. Produced in hand-knotted Tibetan weave in 100 and 150 knot quality in Nepal, as well as in hand-knotted Persian weave in 9/9 and 11/11 knot quality in Rajasthan, North India. MonoStereo is one of my favorite collections within the contemporary RUG STAR’s range.

-Jürgen Dahlmanns

Measures: 8'3" x 9'11"

Available in custom sizes upon request, contact us for further information.

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