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Matthew Ashley

I grew up in the California Bay Area. Accompanying my father to vintage stores and garage sales at an early age I developed an affinity for unique handcrafted items from bygone eras. Working with Christiane at her first location in the Pearl during the early 2000’s was a fulfillment of that love of lost artisanship. I was immersed in the history of hand woven rugs, how they were viewed as an art medium in Eastern cultures and how the contemporary renaissance in handmade rugs was reviving this lost art. Although Christiane and I parted ways for awhile, I continued my study of rugs, occasionally buying a handmade prayer rug or Peking throw. In 2017 I rejoined Christiane Millinger and found myself back home among the rugs I admire and had learned so much about. As with Christiane I love sharing my knowledge with our customers.