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Spring 2021: Raindrops on Roses...

from spring showers

Spring rain rugs

to rainbows & roses 

Bring the season inside with our full spectrum of handmade rugs.


As on our website, this is a small sampling of possibilities.

We have much more of our boldly-curated collection

available for your consideration in the shop, as well as

access to so, so many rug treasures worldwide.


We love to find your perfect rug!


Room with fresh red rug

3 red rugs

3 orange rugs

3 golden rugs

3 gold green rugs

Extraordinary green rugs


Click here to see some pieces from our colorful collection,

currently available on the website.


Or stop by to browse through even more possibilities.

To make a private shopping appointment:

call 971.444.2440 or email


3 green rugs

3 blue-green rugs

Extraordinary blue rugs

3 blue-violet-pink rugs

Extraordinary pink rugs and roses