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New in the Shop!

Hello. If you need us, we are here. Not for regular hours, but still available by private appointment or for deliveries (with or without interaction). We appreciate your support of local business as we navigate this national crisis together. Please keep in mind that our website highlights only a small sample of our rug collection, and we are always happy to send images of many more possibilities. Just email or call.

                                                                                                – Christiane



Below are three recent arrivals.
We hope you'll be as excited about them as we are.

Battilossi rugs


We are pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive retailer in the Pacific Northwest for Battilossi. This family-run company out of Turin is the culmination of over 70 years of experience in preservation and restoration of fine carpets, along with an uncompromisingly modern Italian sensibility of style. The result is a line of carpets that bridge the past with what the contemporary textile is capable of bringing into the home. Designed in Italy, with production centers in Nepal and Pakistan, Battilossi combines refined selections of hues and tones with unique woven textures in each design, seamlessly blending high style with livability. We are excited to bring these new carpets to our clients. Contact us to see more!


Centuries ago, the order for the royal workshop in Isfahan was simple: “Make the most beautiful carpets in the world.” The result was a class of carpets that featured gold and silver thread intermingling with the finest silks, Persian designs blending seamlessly with European motifs, and an elegant balance of East meeting West. The Arabesque palmettes and lotus blossoms appealed to the emerging baroque tastes of the Continent, and soon became a must-have item for any royal court. So much so that these designs were erroneously attributed to Polish nobility, due to the location of surviving examples and inclusion of family crests, hence the name “Polonaise” being attributed to them. Jan Kath has taken his love and appreciation of these iconic pieces, adding a distinctly modern flare that pushes the limits of what an elegant rug in the 21st century can be. We are proud to have the two shown in the shop currently; contact us to see more Polonaise designs/colorways, available to order!



 The Turkish Tulu rug evolved similarly to the South Persian gabbehs we hold so dear. Originally utilitarian bedding rolls, the human need to embellish our spaces with individuality introduced a particular whimsy unique to the Tulu. The luxurious angora fibers (from goats, not to be confused with angora rabbits!) also became useful for cloak material, as the long tresses wicked the rain down and away from the wearer, most often nomadic shepherds moving along with their livestock migrations. The modern Tulu textile echoes these nomadic origins, but new and refreshing colors have created incredible accent pieces that liven up any space needing that little bit of the nomad. We have these fun pieces in stock now, in colors from neutral to vivid! Click the image above to see more.