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Are Traditional Rugs in Style? Always!

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Over the last 30 years, I have been privileged to have witnessed, firsthand, the sense of history and deep connection that traditional rugs can create. These classic hand-woven rugs often posses a charming familiarity, a mature sophistication, and even bring fond memories of a parlor in grandma’s house or even the first rug ever purchased by a client. Traditional rugs have a unique ability to illicit memories of a favorite family gathering occasion or holiday. Perhaps even a meal shared with generations now long past. I am in often in awe of the myriad ways that clients and friends find to describe their color, texture and personalize their individual sense of connection with some of the more timeless designs seen in handmade rugs and woven textiles we feature in our showroom. 


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Traditional rugs

above: Modern HERIZ pattern rug.
below: Details of KHOTAN and classic HERIZ rugs.


There are many styles of “traditional” rugs: classic, formal patterns, also called city rugs, which are produced in carefully-supervised workshops; cottage industry or village rugs, which tend to have a loosely-followed formal pattern; traditional tribal rugs, often quite abstract and certainly loaded with hidden meaning, reflecting the imagination and experience of the weaver herself.

Whether an ancient pattern or a modern interpretation, traditional rugs work well across styles, grounding and enlivening rooms ranging from formal to informal, classic to modern.


traditional handmade Persian Serapi, afghan Mamluk, Persian Tabriz pattern hand-knotted rugs in living rooms

above: A SERAPI pattern, installed in a lovingly restored Portland home. Interior design by Katy Krider.
below left: Classic cloud band TABRIZ pattern, re-imagined by Rug Star. Interior design and buildout by Portland architect Michael Howells.
below right: Modern interpretation of an antique MAMLUK 16th century pattern by Wool & Silk Rugs, partly erased to evoke the passage of time, and rendered in modern colors. Available by order in a wide range of colors and sizes. Interior design by Jeff Lamb Residential. Photo by Pete Ekert, WSJ (digital), June 19, 2018.



New In! (title)

We’ve just unrolled a vivid assortment of village rugs, handknotted in Pakistan in an artisanal homage to traditional styles and influences.

Their bright colors bring joy and layers of depth to the designs. Live deep, live loud, live full of color; especially here in the gray Northwest.

Find them among our Traditional handmade rugs.

   Animation of 10 Traditional "Village" Rugs (link)




Home. (title)

And finally, here are two traditional rugs from my own home. They bring me comfort and joy, daily. I wish the same for you.    -Christiane


19th century silk Tabriz rug

Modern interpretation of Heriz pattern rug

above: A 19th century silk TABRIZ draped across a table.
below: Modern interpretation of a HERIZ pattern. Hand-spun yarns, natural dyes, playful colors.