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Custom Rugs From Christiane Millinger

Producing Custom Rugs Is Just One Service We Offer To Both Big Design Firms And Individuals Looking For The Perfect Handmade Rug. 

Christiane sits proudly on a 13 x 15 custom handmade rug in our showroom. 

While we always have a lovingly curated inventory of unique handmade rugs on hand, sometimes a custom rug is necessary to meet the client's size requirements or personal aesthetic tastes. This is when we typically suggest commissioning a custom made rug. With over twenty years of experience, there aren't too many situations we haven't run across before. From floor outlets and door clearances, to inlaid and custom shapes, we can tackle any project along with our talented manufacturing partners.

This custom produced rug we made for Manhattan's Eleven Madison Park required that the rug fit in a precision inlay recess to accommodate wait staff and rolling carts at the Three Michelin Star restaurant.

A mock-up of a stair runner concept. 

Whether starting with an existing design or just with an idea, we work with digital renderings as well as industry standardized color systems in cooperation with many of the most respected manufacturers in the rug and carpet industry. Once materials, design, and color have been settled upon, we will have a strike-off sample produced and confirm that the example in-hand is right for the space. 

If specific sizing is a particular requirement to the custom rug, we will happily come take complimentary measurements, as in this stair runner example for our local clients. 

An idea is turned into a precise computer rendering. Using an industry standard color system and precise on-site measurements, a detailed diagram of a stair runner is put together. Note that the tiger on the right has been lengthened to accommodate for the perspective shift of being visible on more stair risers. 

We look forward to seeing our pattern samples and color example poms in your home. Working together with clients is just one of the joys of working with such a wonderful product capable of changing a space so much. 

Many people assume that a custom produced area rug must be more expensive versus a standard in-stock item, but this is often not the case. The only real additional investment is the time it takes to produce the handmade goods that we specialize in and in the development and refinement of an idea. But when compared to the lifetime of use and joy that a well made rug gives, what is a few months for a one of kind, ethically produced handmade rug that you participated in the design of?

Progress pic from our manufacturing partner. We often receive status updates for our works in progress. 

The results are stunning when the finished pieces arrive. Sometimes they can't even fit into our showroom when we unpack them! 

But that's all part of being the little rug shop that can.