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Exhibition: Berlin Based surrealist artist Miron Schmückle

Archive: May 24th, 2018
W O R K S   O N   P A P E R   A N D   I N   W O O L

Opening party with the artist: Thursday, May 24, 4-7pm
Exhibit will be open through June 30. Preview appointments available.

We are thrilled to be presenting an exhibition of work by Berlin artist Miron Schmückle later this month. His detailed images evoke vintage botanical drawings and employ a palette of rich jewel tones against clear white backgrounds. Schmuckle describes the resulting biomorphic flora as “allegories of the senses,” and likens his process to the surrealist practice of automatic writing. “My hands start to translate my thoughts onto the paper,” he says. “Once I am in the process, I can stop thinking while my hand continues to paint.”

Miron Schmückle Berlin based watercolor artist gallery show in portland Oregon

Romanian born surrealist Miron Schmückle


Born in Romania and trained in Germany, Miron Schmückle has work in collections from Tokyo to Pennsylvania. This will be his first solo exhibition in the United States.

As well as Miron's works on paper, we are excited to be showing several of his rug collaborations with fellow Berlin creative, Jürgen Dahlmanns of Rug Star

Thursday, May 24, 4-7pm


Miron Schmückle & Jürgen Dahlmanns - collaborative rugs