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8669 Polonaise Greenford Sky 8x10 Rug



Erased Heritage Collection Polonaise Greenford 8x10 Rug in Sky

Measures: 8'0"x10'0"

Materials: Wool with Silk accents. Copper binding used on the selvage edges.

Handmade in India.

The Erased Heritage Collection from Jan Kath is meant to recognize the passing of time and its interplay with historic design in rugs and textiles. What initially appears like a reductive erasure in the rug is actually an area of raised silvery mint silk. This adds a layer of depth the Polonaise design that is the base carpet for the Greenford Sky. Polonaise carpets get their name from their presence in the royal houses of Eastern European aristocracy where they were once assumed to have originated. More rigorous academia has place the origin of these rugs and tapestries to Persian workshops from which the work was commissioned out of. The inclusion of regional White Eagles and various other heraldic imagery had implied that Polish artisians themselves produced the fine carpets and the name "Polonaise" given by French tastemakers has stuck ever since.

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