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7634 Handmade Flatwoven 6x8 Kilim Textile



Handwoven Wool Kilim Textile

Measures: 5'8"x7'7"

Materials: Hand-spun Wool and Naturally Sourced Dyes

Hand-knotted in Southeastern Turkey

Kilims are some of the most versatile textiles for home use. Aside from their use as floor coverings and area rugs, Kilims make excellent wall hangings for a rustic burst of color. Kilims can also be used as a throw over furniture pieces for a little bohemian charm. Kilims are also great to repurpose into pillows or upholstery. This Kilim was produced in the traditional way semi-nomadic peoples have made them from southern Turkey, through the Kurdish areas of Iraq, and into Northern Iran for centuries. Woven on narrow, portable looms, then stitched together to make the textile into the desired width. The undyed wool yards give way to vibrant red tones made from a dye that is produced using the root of the madder plant once it has matured for 5 to 7 years.

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