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Red and Amber Handmade Wool Gabbeh Runner



Rich Red and Amber Gabbeh Wool Runner


This deep red and amber toned gabbeh runner is plush and soft. The varying red and orange tones are the result of using a dye made form the cultivated roots of the madder plant. Once the madder plant has matured for 5 years it can be harvested to produce this durable, steadfast dye which practically glows in the direct sun light. The wool itself is collected entirely by hand and is also processed without chemical or mechanical means. The resulting yarns produced retain much of the natural lanolin which acts something like a stain guard, making gabbehs as heart and durable as they are beautiful. All of the gradient seen in the color is done intentionally by the weaver on a knot by knot basis and the meandering color shifts are the result of generation of knowhow being learned and taught to these Semi-Nomadic craftspeople. 

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Measures: 2'11"x7'4"

Material: Handspun Wool and naturally sourced dyes

Handmade in Southern Iran