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Rug Star Rugs and Carpets

We are proud to bring you Jürgen Dahlmanns Rug Star. Leading the cutting edge of modern rugs and carpets, there is virtually no limit to the vision of this prolific designer.

Welcome to the World of Jürgen Dahlmanns Rug Star

We are proud to be the exclusive retailer for Jürgen Dahlmanns Rug Star, designed in Berlin, Germany. Pushing the boundaries of art and textile design, these rugs are like nothing else and have to be seen to be believed.

Jürgen Dahlmanns has created one of the most exciting brands to come out of the rug world in the past decade. These completely bold designs are like nothing being produced in the world of area rugs before or since. Each piece elevates the floor of a room into the "fifth wall" and turns it into a new canvas for creativity and passion. 



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