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Uskudar Runner 2'6" x 9'1"



Uskudar Wool Runner from Woven Legends

Measures: 2'6"x9'1"

Material: Handspun wool and naturally sourced dyes

Handmade in Turkey

Woven Legends has become something of a cult brand among collectors of contemporary fine rugs and carpets. Seeking to recreate the legendary textiles seen in museums and auctions, Woven Legends sent their staff to diagram these rare examples, from types of knots used, to amount of knots per square inch, and aslso sought out the last few makes of dyes using recipies handed down through the generations of dyers and craftspeople. This runner is a prime example of the uncompromising standards put into each handmade rug produced by Woven Legends. The pearlescent aqua blues and reds meander into two reflected trees of life while whimsical choices in floral elements create an unexpected asymetry giving movement to the piece.

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