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8223 Wildflowers "Spring" by Wool And Silk Rugs 8'1" x 10'



‘I was in heaven in 2019. My wife and I were in Cappadocia, Turkey visiting a good friend. We were trekking in the hills. There were lots of fruit trees. I saw a fruit I hadn’t tasted since I was nine years old. Black mulberry with a sweet-sour taste. I was in heaven eating the berries; like a child in a toy store. My wife took a photo of the flower fields surrounding us. I took some photos too and immediately I saw a rug design. I was very excited. I could see how the rug would have lots of perspective and a 3D effect. We showed Wildflowers Spring at Domotex in 2020. Floral rugs have fallen out of fashion in recent years, but this rug has been a best seller because it’s so different.'

-Erbil Tezcan,

Wool and Silk Rugs