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7658 Turkish Kars 5x12 Runner

$850.00 $2,100.00


Turkish Kars Overdyed Carpet

Measures: 5'6"x11'8"

Materials: Wool Pile rug with Cotton Foundation

Hand-knotted in Eastern Turkey

Kars rugs and carpets reflect a variety of influences, much like the city that they take their name from. Kars has changed hands several times since time immemorial, and the influences of the Georgian, Russian, Armenian, and Persian cultures are what make these rugs distinct from similar Kazak and Konya rugs. The bold central medallions are geometric and can resemble some medallions seen in Caucasian rugs. The deep brown color is one of the hallmarks of a Kars carpet along with the deeper burgundies. Kars rugs have a similar feel as Konya rugs due to also employing a large loose knot with 2 or even up to 4 rows of wefting between each knot. The wool used in Kars is somewhat coarser than used in the Konya made carpets, so they have a slightly stiffer feel in the bristle of the pile. This piece has had newer synthetic dyes in bright pinks and turquoise added in the modern era to brighten up its appearance. 

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