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C-1024 Angora Ushak 10x14 Rug



Large 10x14 Angora Ushak Rug

Measures: 10'2"x14'0"

Material: Hand-knotted pile of a blend of Wool and Angora fibers.

Handmade in turkey

This Oushak, also spelled Ushak, rug has a very cool palette and pattern reminicent of fine China plates. The central field has a warmer peach/salmon tint. Oushak rugs are known for their larger floral elemants and washed out look. This has made them a very popular choice in the past few years for interior designers looking to create a clean, neutral look with a bit of color. The washed out look can also bring a bit of casualness to an otherwise monochromatic decor.

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