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C-1004 Lost Weave 1 by Jan Kath 8' x 10'



Jan Kath plays with the emotions of people who view his work. “The charm of this carpet is that it seems to have been left to chance with a thirst for anarchy,” the designer explains. However, this vitality has been skillfully arranged and can be reproduced. “Of course, every single knot has been planned with precision and is realized in the workshops of Nepal with close attention to detail.” However, the inspiration for LOST WEAVE does not come from the Himalayas, but from Morocco. Carpets in this country known as boucherouite are hand-made by women at home for their own use. When many nomadic tribes from the Atlas mountains began to settle in the ’60s and ’70s, the change in lifestyle meant that wool became scarce. As an alternative, people began to make traditional carpets out of recycled clothes, cloth and even strips of plastic.

Jan Kath on the Lost Weave Collection 

Wool, Silk, and Nettle pile.

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