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Blue and White Mirage Gabbeh with Small Caravan

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Handmade Wool Gabbeh Rug Using Real Indigo Dye

Sold to Katie Fraser 9/22/2022

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This Gabbeh rug has been produced using wool from sheep bred by semi-nomadic herding tribes for centuries due to its usefulness as a textile material, as well as it's durability and high content of lanolin making it ideal for carpet and rug production. The intentional fade effect of this rug is done using wool that has been dyed at different intensity with naturally growing and harvested indigo. The small camels crossing in the center have been produced using dye obtained from the root of the madder plant, which takes 5-7 years to reach maturity before it is suitable for dye production.

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Measures: 5'10"x8'10

Materials: Handspun Wool and Naturally Sourced Dye Materials

Hand-knotted in Southern Iran by Semi-Nomadic Weavers.