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Bright And Colorful Abstract Landscape Gabbeh



Dramatic Handmade Landscape Gabbeh Using Bright Colors

This roughly 5'x8' Kashkuli Gabbeh depicts a series of hills in various colors leading off to a distant horizon. A caravan of deer can be seen in the foreground hills as well as trees and various plant shapes on various hills. This is one of the more unusual landscape carpets in our Gabbeh Collection as it depicts the rolling hills in several bright colors such as blue, orange, red, and green. Made using all natural dyes and entirely by hand, Gabbeh rugs are some of the most natural textiles available today. 

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Measures: 5'5"x7'9"

Materials: Handspun Wool and Naturally Sourced Dye Materials. 

Hand-knotted in Southern Iran by Semi-Nomadic weavers