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8630 Avita Ember Jade 8x10 Handmade Wool Rug



Contemporary Ember 6x9 Rug from Battilossi in Jade

Measures: 8'2"x10'3"

Material: 100% Ghanzi Wool

Handmade in Lahore, Pakistan

The Avita collection seeks to redefine what the concept of the flat-weave carpet is capable of. Battilossi has experimented with complex weaving and embroidery techniques to create a line of rugs with an interesting and unique look. Made to complement modern interiors, the Avita collection was designed in Italy with the intention of being part of a symphony of other textures such as wood, marble, and leather. The Ember rug, designed in Italy, features an implied border with an almost tortoiseshell texture done in a soumak weave that leads into a flat-woven central field with an embroidered texture. The Ghanzi wool is sourced from the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan for its fine quality, high natural sheen, and retention of the natural lanolin. 

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