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8629 Caleido Fracto Tiffany 8x10 Handmade Wool Rug



Modern Fracto 8x10 Rug from Battilossi in Tiffany 

Measures: 8'1"x10'1"

Material: 100% Ghanzi Wool

Handmade in Lahore, Pakistan

The Caleido Collection from Battilossi was designed with interior design professionals in mind. The designs were meant to be part of an ensemble cast of elements and materials in various degrees of density. The Fracto series focuses on a clean and delicate look which allows texture to take a leading role. Designed in Italy with an almost "sketchbook" feel, the teal blue dots and lines create a seemly casual pattern which is cut at a slightly higher length than the soumak weave with embroidered texture background. The interplay of these elements is made even more distinct by the highland Ghanzi wool, sourced from the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan for its thick yarns and high retention of the natural lanolin. 

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