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8627 Pattern Mix 5 Ivory 8x10 Handmade Wool Rug



Contemporary Pattern Mix 5 8x10 Rug from Battilossi in Ivory

Measures: 7'11"x10'0

Material: 100% Ghanzi Wool

Handmade in Lahore, Pakistan

The Pattern Mix Collection from Battilossi is the creation of designer Draga Obradovic's passion for vintage textiles and upholstery. Rather than merely copying these textiles, Draga seeks capture the layers of meaning and then having them skillfully reproduced by the artisans of the Battilossi workshop in Pakistan. The result is a collision of detail and attention to the smallest nuance of fabric texture that makes this collection vibrate with authenticity and style. The highland Ghanzi wool sourced form the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan brings a depth of texture unique to these hand-knotted masterpieces in their own right.

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