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8317 Block No. 08, Green Rust in 8' 10" x 12' by Rug Star

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RUG STAR’s contemporary collection Block is a quote on modern paintings as rug art, produced in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Executed in a Persian rug weave in a nice blend of wool and silk in 9/9 knot count. The surface comes in a beautiful velvet sandblasted execution or in a high/low texture, where we clip down particular wool fields to create a topography of material and texture. The colors mostly move from an elegant combination of silver tones to greenish rust with highlights in light-blue or orange. The background plays with off-white tone.

-Jürgen Dahlmanns

 Measures: 8'10" x 12'

Available in custom sizes upon request, contact us for further information.

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