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6200 Khotan Runner 4'2" x 8'9"

$950.00 $3,700.00


Handmade Woven Legends Khotan Runner

Measures: 4'2"x8'9"

Materials: Hand-knotted Wool Pile

Made in Turkey

Woven Legends has something of cult following in the world of rugs and textiles. They are credited with bringing back the craft of hand-knotted rugs by meticulously researching designs and documenting examples in museums around the world. Then faithfully reproducing the designs using methods and dye recipes handed down like family secrets from one generation to the next. This Khotan style rug is a great example of the merging of cultures that took place between the Orient and the Near East as the Silk Road meandered through empires and cultures. The border has Persian elements in the depictions of the flowers, but the latch-hook medallions in the central area have something of an Asian influence on the design. These are truly unique rugs that showcase how textile patterns change and evolve with the peoples that they interact with. 

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