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8116 Polonaise Collection "Redbridge" by Jan Kath

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The order for the royal workshop in Isfahan was simple: “Make the most beautiful carpets in the world.”

The result was a class of carpets that featured gold and silver thread intermingling with the finest silks, Persian designs blending seamlessly with European motifs, and an elegant balance of East meeting West. The Arabesque palmettes and lotus blossoms appealed to the emerging baroque tastes of the Continent, and soon became a must have item for any royal court. So much so that these designs were erroneously attributed to Polish nobility, due to the location of surviving examples and inclusion of family crests, hence the name “Polonaise” being attributed to them.

Jan Kath has taken his love and appreciation of these iconic pieces, adding a distinctly modern flare that pushes the limits of what an elegant rug in the 21st Century can be.

Measures 8'2" x 10', raised silk on wool pile, copper selvage on edges