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7633 Colorful Kilim Flatweave 7x8 Textile



Handwoven Kilim With Colorful Pattern

Measures: 7'3"x8'0"

Materials: Hand-spun Wool and Naturally Sourced Dyes

Hand-woven in Turkey

Energetic Kilim with many colors and zig zag striping. Made on portable looms by semi-nomadic herding tribes from Eastern Turkey to Northern Iran, this Kilim was woven as strips approximately 3 feet wide, then stitched together to make the desired width. Kilims are some of the most versatile textiles around. They are portable, and able to be moved from room to room to suit a variety of spaces and uses. They also make fantastic covers on furniture and wall hangings. We have even seen them repurposed for upholstery and made into pillows. Tribal Kilims are a wonderful way to add a bit of casual charm to any space.

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