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7543 Kashkuli Landscape Gabbeh 3x4 Rug



Handmade Small Wool Gabbeh Rug With Colorful Landscape

Measures: 2'8"x3'11"

Materials: Hand-spun Wool and Naturally Sourced Dyes

Hand-knotted in Southern Iran

Gabbeh rugs often depict landscapes and scenes from the everyday lives of the weavers and herders that produce them. This scene features a river with trees on either bank gradating upward to a further horizon with trees and eventually a darkening sky. All the colors in this rug have been achieved by using naturally sourced dyes from vegetable and plant sources. The wool is a high altitude variation from the sheep that have been migrated through the Zagros Mountains for centuries. This has produced a durable fiber that is ideal for producing durable, long wearing woolen items like rugs. The high lanolin content produces a wool that is somewhat resistant to stains and dirt.

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