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7538 Kashkuli Gabbeh 5x7 Rug



Handmade Wool Gabbeh Rug in Rich Red Tones

Measures: 5'5"x7'9"

Materials: Hand-spun Wool and Naturally Sourced Dyes

Hand-knotted in Southern Iran

Semi-nomadic hearers have been knotting carpets as bedding rolls for centuries. Often these plush carpets, made using wool from the sheep raised in the high elevations and migrated through the valleys of the Zagros Mountains of Southern Iran, were mostly unadorned and would occasionally contain charms to ward off evil spirits and offer protection to the user. Some began getting more and more unique and almost abstract depiction of landscapes and patches of random color. Around the late 70's and 80's the wider rug appreciating world began to notice these carpets as well as appreciate their durability which was a direct result of the all hand production and naturally sourced dyes being used to make them. This particular Gabbeh is made using the root of the madder plant, which takes between 5 to 7 months to mature enough to harvest for dye production.

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