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7534 Kashkuli Gabbeh 3x5 Rug



Handmade Wool Gabbeh Rug in Bright Colors

Measures: 3'3"x4'10"

Materials: Hand-spun Wool and All Natural Dyes

Hand-knotted in Southern Iran

Hard to believe that this charming gabbeh rug is made using only natural sourced dyes from plant and vegetable sources. The blue tones are the result of using real indigo dye from harvested plants that grow in the valley of the Zagros Mountains. The reds come from madder root that takes the plant maturing 5 to 7 years before it can be harvested for dye production. The yellow tones are the result of milkweed thistle and onion skins, and the greens are the result of first dyeing the wool yellow then over dyed with indigo. Salts are added to to mixture to produce some of the more vibrant pinks. The wool takes on the dye in slightly different degrees due to the amount of lanolin present in the wool, which is all cut and spun into yard by hand, as it has been done since time immemorial.

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