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7529 Raw Wool Gabbeh 3x5 Rug



Handmade Gabbeh in Undyed Natural Wool Tones

Measures: 3'5" x 5'2" 

Made from: Handspun wool and naturally sourced dyes 

Hand-knotted in Southern Iran

This Gabbeh has been produced using wool in its natural color variations.  All the variations come from the different tones found in the wool of the lighter colored sheep. The small deer in each corner have been made possible by using dyes sourced from vegetable and plant sources. This Gabbeh has a firm and thick pile close to 1/2 an inch and would be a very durable rug for an entryway for example. The wool retains much of its natural lanolin as a result of the minimal processing of the wool, thus making it a surprisingly resilient rug to being stained or soiled permanently. 

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