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7524 Amaleh Gabbeh 6x8 Rug



Handmade Wool Gabbeh Rug in Gold and Yellow

Measures: 6'7"x8'0"

Materials: Handspun Wool and Naturally Sourced Dyes

Handmade in Southern Iran

This Gabbeh rug is hand-knotted in rich yellow and golden tones forming a subtle striping effect. The Wool used in these rugs comes from sheep that have been bred for centuries in the slopes and valleys among the Zagros Mountains in Southern Iran. The semi-nomadic herding tribes still produce these rugs using the same hand craft techniques, from the cutting of the wool, to the use of drop spindles to turn it into yarn, and the use of naturally sourced dyes to produce the rich colors these rugs are legendary for. The lack of mechanized or chemical means to produce these rugs has the added benefit of them retaining much of the natural lanolin in the wool. This results in a rug that is as durable as it is gorgeous.

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