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7187 Handmade Kashkuli Gabbeh 7x7 Rug



Vivid and Bright Kashkuli Gabbeh

Measures: 6'11"x7'4"

Material: Handspun Wool and Naturally Sourced Dyes

Handmade in Southern Iran

This is a really energetic piece. With a full spectrum of colors in the backgammon type border to the few tiny deer and floral symbols in the central field of undyed wool this on-of-kind Gabbeh is packed with the whimsical elements that make them so dear to us here. Originally conceived as sleeping mats and bedding rolls, Gabbeh rugs caught the eye of the larger world of rug appreciation in the late 70's and 80's. The abstract designs brought to life in vivid dyes produced using natural plant sources seem like modern artworks when compared to the established traditional rug designs. We are please to be one of the finest sources for these unique masterpieces. 

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