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6672 Red Amaleh Gabbeh Wool 3x7 Runner



Handmade Red Gabbeh Wool Runner

Measures: 2'11"x7'4"

Material: Handspun Wool and naturally sourced dyes

Handmade in Southern Iran

This deep red and orange gabbeh runner is thick and soft. This is a result of the lack of processing in the transition from sheeps wool to yarn by only hands-on methods, as well as the use of naturally sourced dyes from vegetable sources. In this case, the brilliant reds and oranges are the result of using madder root that need 5-7 years to mature until it is suitable for use in dye making. The combination of these two factors result in the retention of much of the natural lanolin in the wool. This has the effect of producing an incredibly hearty and stain restitant rug.

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