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6505 Woven Legends Sardis 9x12 Handmade Rug



Woven Legends Classic Sardis Design Low Pile Rug

Measures: 9'0"x12'1"

Material: Handspun wool and naturally sourced dyes

Handmade in Turkey

Woven Legends arrived on the rug scene with one idea in mind; to faithfully replicate the classic designs and themes of the legendary rugs from museums and collections around the world. Meticulous examinations of colors and dye techniques caused them to seek some of the last old-world style producers of natural dyes. Cultivated from madder root, onion skins, milkweed thistle, and the indigo plant, just as they had been since time imemmemorial. Woven Legends ushered in the new renaissance in modern handcrafted rugs and carpets that we enjoy today. Sadly, after decades of production, Woven Legends ceased production, but their uncompromising standards still stand out in the pieces they left.

The Sardis design is an intricate lattice work of vines and floral elements, named after the Turkish town known for producing this style of rug in antiquity.

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