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Energetic Multicolored Tribal Gabbeh 3x5 Rug



Multicolored Tribal Gabbeh with Patchwork Original Design 

This Handmade Gabbeh from Southern Iran is made using only naturally sourced dyes and the finest hand-spun and processed wool. The Semi-Nomadic weavers are allowed a great deal of artistic and poetic license as they freeform these designs. You may see similar Gabbeh rugs but like this one, each is a one-of-a-kind treasure. The quality of the wool is unmatched in it's durability and heartiness. The lack of chemical or mechanical processing preserves much of the natural lanolin resulting in a sort of natural stain fighter, as well as retaining the wool's natural antimicrobial properties. These are some of the most holistic rugs one can purchase 

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Measures: 3'3"x4'10"

Material: Handspun wool and naturally sourced dyes

Handmade in Southern Iran