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7394 Kashkuli Landscape 3'4" x 4'10"



Gabbeh and Kashkuli rugs originate in Southern Iran from rather modest beginnings.

Originally utilitarian in design for use as bedding rolls, the plush piles caught the eyes of western purveyors who not only found the suppleness of the rugs (due to the traditional methods of harvesting the wool, hand carding and spinning of the yarns, and usage of only natural dyes) appealing, but also the whimsical treatments of landscapes, natural scenes, and imagery -not that unlike modern art- as a unique marriage of both form and function.

The legendary durability of the wool and knotting methods makes these rugs also wear like iron while preserving an almost magical window into a vanishing artform unto itself. 

Hand-knotted in Southern Iran Measures 3'4" x 4'10"


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